Firm Seminar Recap!

Our firm had a great evening on September 21, 2017 hosting an informative seminar! Thank you to everyone who showed up! We covered tips to maximize your business and effective personal tax saving strategies.

A brief cap on the 3 fundamentals in effective personal tax saving strategies:
1) Reduce income subject to tax (Defer it!)
2) Maximize your tax deductions
3) Utilize all allowable tax credits

Remember to maximize your TFSA for absolute tax savings. Have children? Open a RESP and
start saving! Access the CPA provided Document Organizer worksheet to start your tax planning

What to consider to maximize your business:
Do you have enough cash to pay expenses?
How should you time your bill payments?
What is the best way to monitor your inventory and revenue?
How much cash do you need for expansion?

For more resources please click the link here.

It was great to interact with participants and clients to discuss some of the key concepts of cash
management. There are also several accounting programs available on the market that allows you
to monitor these concepts with a variety of calculations, reports and ratios. We are certified
Quickbooks and Simply advisors. Ask any one of our professionals for more information.

Email and let us know what topics you would like to learn at our next